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PRX-T33 Collagen Revitalization Treatments 

The latest thing in skincare, PRX-T33.

As time goes by, your skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile: it loses strength and flexibility  PRX-T33 is a revolutionary product: it gives the skin immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration without the use of needles nor invasive procedures. PRX-T33 helps unify the skin tone, restore radiance and brightness but also treats scars, spots or stretch marks. PRX-T33 by WiQomed is a bio-revitalizing medical device based on the two main components: Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and hydrogen peroxide. The unique chemical is used to improve the appearance of the skin and rejuvenating it, without damaging the skin.

The PRX-T33 is an improved formula of the trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel. In short, it doesn’t make you peel! Each molecule of PRX-T33 contains a unique combination of 33% TCA, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and 5% kojic acid. This formulation penetrates to the dermis, leaving the epidermis in tact, and activating all the skin processes of regeneration and renewal.

Even with such a high concentration of TCA, PRX-T33 is not a peel! Meet the latest thing in skincare, a biorevitalization treatment.

What are the benefits of a PRX-T33 Collagen Revitalization Treatment?

• 33% TCA + Hydrogen Peroxide with NO Peeling
• Safe for All Skin Types: Fitzpatrick 1-6
• No Downtime. No Pain. No Needles. No Surgery. Results
• Targets Aging Skin, Texture, Laxity, Wrinkles, Dull Skin for Complete Rejuvenation on Face or Body
• Non-Photosensitizing: Can be used in Summer Months
• Stimulates the Skin’s Regenerative Process
• Over 2 Million Treatments Performed in Europe
• Amazing results! Immediate and Long Lasting


How Much Does PRX-T33 Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment Cost?

Sold as a Four (4) Treatment Protocol Series – 4 Treatments Scheduled One Week Apart

Single Area: $900  –  Add 2nd area for $500

Included with your Series are Post Care WiQo home care products that should solely be used during the 4 week treatment series.

Treatment are options: Face/Neck, Decolette, Upper Arms, Stomach/Stretch Marks