EyeLash & EyeBrow Tint

Bring out the true beauty of your face with Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting.

Who wants to put on mascara everyday if you don’t have to! With Lash & Brow tinting, you don’t have to worry about

your mascara running when going to the beach or gym!  Eyelash tinting will give your lashes a thicker, more prominent look,

with each lash evenly tinted and separated.

We use a no-dye formula clinically proven safe to use on and around the eyes for naturally beautiful brows and lashes.

100% gray coverage.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting treatments last approximately four to six weeks and will fade gradually.

Avoiding oil based moisturizers, cleansers and wipes will prolong your tint.

Please arrive at your appointment free of eye makeup.

Perfect for the woman on the go!
Eye Lash Tint $25 - Eye Brow Tint $20

 Eyelash Extensions 

Lash Extensions are made of synthetic, mink or faux mink lashes.Lashes come in various thicknesses, curl and color

to give each client a customized set of lashes. 

Full Sets
Natural Set - 90 Lashes $150  - Classic Set  - 130 Lashes $200
Glamour Set-170 lashes $250  -  Volume Lash Set 2D-6D $200+
Lash enhancement “Cat Eye”- 40 lashes $75                                   
Lower Lash set $60
Color Lashes (add on) $20
Lash Bling (per crystal) $15

RELASH (Lash Fill)
2 week $50
3 week $75 / Volume ReLash $100
4 week $100 / Volume ReLash $120

Lash Extension Removal $30  

"How old you are is your business...How old you look is ours!"™